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Working on some characterrrrrs. Click to view in FULL SIZE-O-VISION!

My hand hurts.

really wish I didn’t have to go to work today

b/c I’d much rather stay home and work on the 1930s gangster vampire story I’m writing for Porter City :p

from Societies & Customs of the Supernatural

wow so

twenty minutes after I made a post about Porter City having almost 200 followers

Porter City broke 200 followers

I want to do something nice for you guys, so what would you like?

I could answer some questions, do some fancasting posts, make a Porter City mix, I don’t really know, I just wanna do something nice because it makes me happy that you guys like this thing that I’m doing <3 <3

you guys Porter City has almost 200 followers ;____;

you don’t know how happy that makes me

I guess I should do something cool once it gets there, but I don’t know what….

anyone have any ideas, or anything they want to see from PC?

Knox The Fox in The Frost Giant's Skull

Knox, one of the many skinchangers who resides in Porter City Municipal Park, takes a job from Gunnar Haakonsson, a frost giant. He fetches Gunnar’s prize - the skull of a man who once insulted his father - but when he is forced to abandon the skull to avoid police suspicion, it is stolen and he is forced to go on a quest for various favors to placate certain residents of Porter City in order to get it back.


The first ever completed Porter City comic! 

Arted by my perfect wife, Nicki
Written by me

((Please, if you want to comment on it, send asks to Porter City))

so I’ve gotten a lot of new followers recently and I would like to invite them all to follow my side blog, Porter City

it’s kind of magic/mythology themed and also where I talk about an original series that I’m working on called (go figure) Porter City

which I am getting ready to post a new part of

just so ya know

Anonymous asked: Hey! I really like your Pacific Rim stuff. I was wondering tho, are you still doing Porter City? It is really cool, I hope you are still doing it!

I am still doing Porter City! 

To be totally honest with you, I hit a patch of writer’s block with the big story, so I’ve been working on some comic scripts (one of which should be ready soon, if I can convince Nicki to work on the last two pages) and I’ve got some short stories that I’m writing! :)

And by the way, thank you to everyone that has been patient with me over the Porter City thing. I appreciate it.

Chapter 3: C'est la Mort

Guys, I sincerely apologize that this is a day late from what I originally intended. I did not think that my work meeting would wipe me out as much as it did, but I didn’t get home last night until after 9 and I was exhausted.

I promise, the next chapter update will be on time. ;)