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Bird Song // Florence + the Machine

so don’t you stop being a man
just take a little look outside when you can
show a little tenderness
no matter if you cry

give me a reason to love you

Well, you know I have a love, a love for everyone I know
And you know I have a drive to live, I won’t let go
But can you see this opposition comes rising up sometimes?
That it’s dreadful imposition comes blacking in my mind

Well, I hope that someday, buddy, we have peace in our lives
Together or apart, alone or with our wives
And we can stop our whoring and pull the smiles inside
And light it up forever and never go to sleep
My best unbeaten brother, this isn’t all I see

Oh no, I see a darkness
Did you know how much I love you?
Is a hope that somehow you
Can save me from this darkness

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.