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#possibly the best moment in this movie really tho #zero people were expecting that

Everybody else was using highly trained skills and shit, Hulk was like fuck that, went straight street on his ass.

The best thing about Thor, to me, is that even when the Hulk is actively trying to kill him, his instinct is to appeal to the better nature that he knows exists somewhere inside there.  It’s why he won’t give up on Loki, no matter how many awful things Loki does.

Because Loki is his brother and he remembers when they were inseparable kids and he knows something went wrong somewhere, but he still believes in the brother that he grew up with.

And he barely knows Bruce Banner. They literally just met and Thor is still trying to talk to him, he’s still trying to reach the gentle, rational man that he knows is in there. Because he did learn his lesson, he knows that violence doesn’t have to be the first resort.

That’s why Thor is my favorite Avenger, and why it makes me so angry when people characterize him as stupid and only good for punching things.


The Avengers by Ibrahim Moustafa



[From Indestructible Hulk #9, 2013.]


I like these hulkeyes, another.

avengers assemble 9 & 10


My Incredible Totorulk.

Click to view it full size :) I’ve wanted to draw this since the start of this story arc!



WELL. I HOPE YOU’RE ALL QUITE HAPPY! Not only did I hit my original follower goal, but I just hit 3k. I think that’s deserving of a little remix of my original offering!

Thank you all, it really makes me smile :)


hahaha I don’t know I guess I was feeling festive AND SUDDENLY TWENTY SUPERHERO STOCKINGS AAAGHHHFGHJKL.

Threw a little DC in there in the form of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle because there are some things I remember fondly from my DC days.

(Uh if anyone wants to use these for anything, patterns or whatever, they’re free for all)