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Wonder Woman & Ms. Marvel | Joelle Jones

Wonder Woman - Stanley Chow

Wonder Woman | Sean Galloway

Wonder Woman | Nicola Scott

Another favorite artist. Her work is just beautiful.

Wonder Woman | Priscilla Wong

Wonder Woman | Greg Horn

Wonder Woman & Ms. Marvel, by Jim Cheung

Can I tell you guys how much I love these ladies? SO MUCH.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by the wonderful Nicola Scott

Fourteen: Favorite older female character

Wonder Woman

Back to comic book characters!  And I’m kind of cheating on this one, but seriously, there are not that many great older female characters in comics.  In fact, I could only come up with Aunt May and Ma Hunkel, and while I like both of them, they’re not exactly favorites of mine.  So I’m cheating and saying Wonder Woman and assuming that she’s just older than everyone else because she acts older than everyone else (not in a bad way, mind, just… she seems more mature, I guess) and I’m too lazy to go dig up research that says exactly how old she is in continuity.  Also, DC’s continuity is stupid and about to become stupider, so fuck ‘em.  Anyway, I don’t think I really need to explain why Wonder Woman is awesome.  I mean, she’s the most iconic female superhero in the world, in spite of the efforts of DC to bury her in stupid costumes, shitty TV shows, and weak storylines.  She endures as an icon because she is not only a woman who kicks ass, she is wise and strong and occasionally funny, and she holds her own against Batman and Superman.  So fuck yeah, Wonder Woman.  You deserve better than you get.

Pic by Marcio Takara