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DC Comics doing market research into new 52 with Nielsen


As part of the new 52, DC Comics is doing market research on its readers in partnership with Nielsen.

A letter announcing the survey was sent out earlier this week to LCSs and the text of which reads:

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support during the launch of DC COMICS - THE NEW 52. As we made clear from the beginning, our goal was to expand the market by appealing to new/lapsed readers, and our initial sales results would indicate that this has indeed happened. But we want to do more than just assume any results - we want to find ways to measure it accurately in partnership with you. And we need your help. DC has engaged Nielsen NRG, the world-class research company, to survey U.S. consumers and retailers (online and in person), to learn more about DC COMICS - THE NEW 52 and its readership. Your customers can complete a “Reader Survey” by going to now through Friday, October 7.

The new issue of Previews also talks about the survey

The survey reportedly asks a variety of questions but also requires the person taking to agree not to disclose the survey questions. But having worked with Nielsen on surveys it probably asks them about the individual comics and their buying habits as well as demographics.

It’s interesting that DC is doing this now after the launch. I don’t recall any mentions of surveys before the launch, although will the level of secrecy/time crunch it might now have been feasible.

It will be very interesting to see the results especially the demographics. DC hasn’t has any available numbers on female readers since the mid-90s. Of course, given that they haven’t really targeted females outside of talking about Supergirl in an interview, I don’t hold much hope for them.

And given this is Nielsen I hope  this is better than the reader surveys they did in the 70s where they asked readers if they wanted to read about “black people.”

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DC needs to know that women read their books and don’t like what they’re seeing…