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rough day for Hank Pym fans :(

I’m so angry you guys. All I wanted was a Hank Pym Scott Lang buddy size changer movie and instead it’s Geriatric Ant Man like awesome thanks Marvel just take everything from Hank it’s not like you haven’t shit all over his character non-stop for years, now he doesn’t get Ultron, he doesn’t get Yellowjacket, he doesn’t get ANYTHING and I just sjdhsjakhdjska

PS please fucking send me hate so I can school your ignorant asses about some Hank Pym history bc I am not having it today with idiots who just regurgitate bullshit that they read on the internet arrrgggghhhh



Hank Pym versus a alien robot. For the sake of argument, that robot has gone toe-to-toe with the Fantastic Four. And Giant Man won by himself.


madmaudlingoes asked: I would like to hear more about your thoughts on Mighty Avengers, mostly because I just read the second half-ish (issue #21 on) and I find 90% of what Hank Pym does unbearably creepy.

That’s because 90% of what Hank Pym does IS unbearably creepy.

Mainly, I think the reason that I enjoy Mighty Avengers is because, even though he’s creepy, Hank is getting to DO something. He tends to get shoved into the background as a character because of who he is; either that, or he’s made into the villain, unwitting or not. For example, he plays a pretty huge role in Age of Ultron, but so far we’ve only really seen him when [redacted because spoilers, but if you’ve been reading, you know what I’m talking about].

Now, I have kind of a soft spot for Hank, creeper habits and all, so I really like that Mighty Avengers gave him a chance to step up and be a hero. Even if it was a weird, obsessed-with-his-ex hero. Because at this point, he’s become such a punching bag at Marvel that I’m afraid that’s as close as I’m going to get to a good Hank Pym story.

fozziebearman asked: Can I ask two? Hank McCoy and Janet van Dyne?

How I feel about this character

  • I feel bad for poor Hank; he’s gotten kind of a shitty reputation over the years because of a misunderstanding between artist and writer (he was never meant to hit Janet in the original script) and instead of letting it kind of disappear into the mists of time (like they’ve done with the rape of Carol Danvers, and all those times Reed Richards hit Sue) they keep harping on it. I also feel like they try to outdo each other when it comes to making him crazy. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even like to read comics with Hank in them anymore because odds are very good that he’ll fuck a robot or do something crazy involving Janet.
  • Janet, on the other hand, is lovely. I don’t really have any conflicted or super strong feelings about her. I think she’s awesome, and I’m glad she’s back because the Marvel universe needs more tiny, sassy ladies.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

  • Part of me still kind of ships Hank and Janet, even though I know it’s terrible and would never work out. It just breaks my heart how much he’ll always love her. :( And EMH just kind of reinforced my Hank/Janet OTP. But I also ship Hank/Pietro (idk, don’t ask) and Hank/Clint. I don’t really ship Janet with anyone, tbh. It’s been so long since I read her in anything that I don’t know who she even works with anymore.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

  • When I’m not busy shipping Clint and Hank, I love their friendship. And I bro-ship Janet with basically everyone, but especially Steve. 

My unpopular opinion about this character

  • I already wrote my big unpopular opinion about Hank, but here’s a few more, which I don’t actually know are unpopular, but which I suspect are:  Hank and Janet should never get back together; I kind of miss when Hank was SUPER crazy and went around calling himself The Wasp; Hank is the best Ant-Man; Janet should use her giant powers more often.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

  • I wish the domestic violence thing had never been an actual thing. I wish some editor somewhere had looked at the art and gone “Dudes, what the fuck is this, you can’t have Hank smacking his wife” and then they could have corrected the misunderstanding and then this whole sordid Hank and Janet thing never would have happened. Also I wish everything from Ultimates had never happened, because Ultimates is horrible bullshit.

Also I JUST FUCKING REALIZED THAT YOU SAID HANK MCCOY NOT HANK PYM BECAUSE MY BRAIN JUST KIND OF WENT “OH HANK AND JANET, OBVIOUSLY THAT MEANS PYM” so dude if you wanna send me a separate ask about Hank McCoy please feel free, as I am clearly a total fucking moron.






Hitler was also brainwashed by Thanos!: Ant-man



But he beat his wi-

but he created ult-

but he’s a douc-


oh like that time he was really really drunk constantly and nearly killed some people?

oh wait that was someone else



Hank Pym says hi. And please don’t be mad that he exists. He didn’t mean to be Ant-Man, he just wants to science in peace.

More on Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man, here.

Sorry if y’all wanna unfollow, but it’s gonna be a Hank Pym blog up in this bitch, just to counteract all of the whiny bullshit the poor guy is getting tossed his way lately.

I’ve been neglecting my Pym feels for too long anyway.


The real story, seeing as how I’m sure a few of you out there are doing research on ol hank

Whenever the topic of Hank hitting Janet comes up and people get all high and mighty over having a WIFE BEATER in a movie, I feel like I should point out that no one fucking complained when they made a Fantastic Four movie and Reed Richards has slapped Sue on numerous occasions, whereas with Hank and Jan it was the one time and it wasn’t even meant to be.

Hank has just gotten a bad reputation over the years, probably because he’s an unstable guy to begin with. If you want to talk about what a dick he is, talk about Yellowjacket or Ultron.

And let’s please just pretend that Ultimates didn’t even happen because what the fuck were they even thinking JFC >






No love for Ant man


Also, this needs to have a million reblogs.

There there Hank, you’ll get in next time…

OH GOD!!!! Who made this? They knew how to give me feels damnit!! (Awesome Hank cosplay is awesome btw) 

Ant man is going to start his OWN team. They will be called the Antvengers. All of the other members will be ants that he dresses up like the Avengers. Captain Antmerica, Iron Ant, Hawkant, Thor-ax, Black Ant, the Antcredible Ant. 



— Gabriel Hardman