Fellowship of the Ring - JRR Tolkien

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there will be a time to greive for Boromir, but it is not now

Boromir breaking your heart [2/ ∞]

One day our paths will lead us there, and the tower guards shall take up the call: “The Lords of Gondor have returned!”


So everyone laughs at Boromir talking about Gondor all of the time in Fotr, but what if he’s just home sick? His journey to Rivendell took 101 days, and 2 months passed before the fellowship even set out from there. He probably never stayed away from home for such a long time before???



au where boromir lives and the three hunters are the four hunters and the whole time they are running he is just SO CONCERNED about his hobbits and when they finally find them again at isengard and gimli is spewing fire at them he just sort of yells happily and jumps off his horse and pulls those two nerds into a big boromir hug

"we’re glad to see you too boromir"
“but this hug is a bit tight”
“I was so worried, don’t ever do that again”


We are truth-speakers, we men of Gondor.

'Have hope!' said Boromir. 'I am weary, but I still have some strength left, and Aragorn too. We will bear the little folk. The others no doubt will make shift to tread the path behind us. Come, Master Peregrin! I will begin with you.’


I ask only for the strength to defend my p e o p l e