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The best thing about Thor, to me, is that even when the Hulk is actively trying to kill him, his instinct is to appeal to the better nature that he knows exists somewhere inside there.  It’s why he won’t give up on Loki, no matter how many awful things Loki does.

Because Loki is his brother and he remembers when they were inseparable kids and he knows something went wrong somewhere, but he still believes in the brother that he grew up with.

And he barely knows Bruce Banner. They literally just met and Thor is still trying to talk to him, he’s still trying to reach the gentle, rational man that he knows is in there. Because he did learn his lesson, he knows that violence doesn’t have to be the first resort.

That’s why Thor is my favorite Avenger, and why it makes me so angry when people characterize him as stupid and only good for punching things.


The Avengers by Ibrahim Moustafa


Why do we even have that lever.

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Eden Fesi → Manifold (2/10)

fozziebearman asked: Thoughts on Uncanny Avengers, Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers?

First of all, there are too damn many Avengers books out right now. I mean, gdi there’s Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Young Avengers, Avengers Arena, Avengers Assemble, and now Avengers A.I.


I’m currently reading (out of all of those) Avengers Assemble, Secret, New, and plain old Avengers.  Since you only asked about the three, I won’t babble about Secret or Assemble, though. ;)

  • Uncanny is the one that I am not reading. I tried it and I couldn’t get into it, which bummed me out because I thought Remender’s run on X-Force was the greatest thing to ever happen to that title. There’s just nothing in Uncanny that engaged me. I don’t think it’s a bad book, necessarily, it’s just not for me.
  • New is awesome. Nicki stopped reading it, but if you give me T’Challa, Strange, and Namor in the same book, it’s basically like giving a fat kid an entire cake topped with ice cream. I love the tension between the characters and the terrible things they’re doing in the name of saving the world. Moral ambiguity always gets me, and if you looked up the term, there would be a picture of this cast next to it. 
  • Avengers is fucking genius. I don’t know if you could tell from what I said about New Avengers, but I have a Hickman Problem. In that I think he’s fucking brilliant and his stories are so cosmic and epic and make me feel really small and afraid, and if you’re writing superhero comics, your readers SHOULD be afraid. If there’s no tension to your writing, it’s just people in spandex punching each other (which is what DC has devolved into, much to my sorrow) and nine times out of ten when I’m reading Hickman, I audibly gasp several times during the comic. I love him. I’m going to stare at him like a creep at Heroes and resist all attempts to make me go talk to him. I love his comics, you guys, you don’t understand. He gave me back Fantastic Four after I thought I would never be able to love it again. 
  • Hickman!
  • HICKMAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!! *fistshake*

Okay, so. That devolved into madness and I apologize.


Koi no yokan (Japanese) - the sense when meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love; differs from “love at first sight” as it does not imply that the feeling of love exists, only the knowledge that a future love is inevitable.




So I was looking for a HQ picture of Hawkeye for costume reference and I find this. It was a bit grainy because it was so zoomed out. I zoom in and my mind is BLOWN.

I mean LOOK







It’s not - Clint Barton is actually illegal in twelve states, two provinces, and four countries.

Phil has the paperwork to prove it.

Bitty I thought you might appreciate this