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peebles teach me how to be you

can we just talk about this for a minute

because seriously i have so much respect for the adventure time team. they’ve made a successful cartoon that isn’t random poop and fart jokes for a solid eleven minutes. sure, adventure time has its immature moments, but then there’s parts like this.

pb’s backed up against the wall in a position that’s way too common in today’s society. you can tell she’s scared and uncomfortable. so what does she do? she beats the crap out of ricardio.

she doesn’t “play nice”, she doesn’t “let him down gently”, she tears off his limbs and stomps on his face. then ricardio tries to play the nice guy card and she has none of it. it’s refreshing to see something aimed at children that doesn’t state that girls need to be polite and sweet and stand by while someone makes them uncomfortable.

basically, i love this show and i love how it teaches girls something that’ll actually come in handy some day. bless.

luv u peebles


You don’ mess wit da Peebles.

Yes, let’s talk about how Adventure Time has this character who is the Princess of the Candy Kingdom and is entirely pink and in any other cartoon would be saccharine and kind of awful, but in AT she is a scientist, a dedicated ruler, a badass, and speaks at least two other languages (German and Korean).  PB is the actual best.

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    People don’t give AT enough respect at all. Like are you too simply minded to see the complexity disguised as a cartoon.
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