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untitled and unsung / belly
i want you soft in the middle
i see a strange and furious face
i know your heart
i want your pearly hand in my hair
we make a strange and furious pair
i want you locked in the middle
i know your heart

lonely boy / the black keys
well your mama kept you
but your daddy left you
and i shoulda done you just the same
but i came to love you am i going to bleed
any old time you keep me waiting

c’est la mort / the civil wars
let’s walk down the road that has no end
steal away where only angels tread
heaven or hell or something in between
cross your heart to take me when you leave

you and i / lady gaga
it’s been a long time since i came around
been a long time but i’m back in town
this time i’m not leaving without you
you taste like whiskey when you kiss me, oh
i’ll give anything again to be your baby doll
this time i’m not leaving without you

straight to you / nick cave & the bad seeds
all the towers of ivory are crumbling
and the swallows have sharpened their beaks
this is the time of our great undoing
this is the time that i’ll come running
straight to you
for i am captured
straight to you
for i am captured
one more time

glory box / portishead
i’m so tired of playing
playing with this bow and arrow
gonna give my heart away
leave it to the other girls to play
for i’ve been a temptress too long

going out west / tom waits
well i know karate, voodoo too
i’m gonna make myself available to you
i don’t need to makeup
i got real scars
i got hair on my chest
i look good without a shirt

halo / abigail washburn
he says to me
wanna light you up
wanna light you up
in the dark and the day
my halo’s bright
follow the way

Gonna Give My Heart Away

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