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can we just take a moment to appreciate the image of a cheerful girl dressed in all pink standing amidst a bunch of huge hulking dudes she just took out with a happy smile on her face

Don’t mind me, Imma just grab this post and run with it to talk about an aspect of the Avatar universe that I love which Ty Lee wonderfully represents.

A lot of media that include female BAMFs only allow them to be masculine. The internalized misogyny of the creators is visible in their obvious perception of femininity as weak and Less Than, so of course none of their Strong Female Characters can have anything to do with it.

And then in come the folks behind Avatar. We have Katara, who leans towards feminine in a passive sort of way. Azula wears makeup, enjoys spa-treatment-like grooming, and is the second-biggest bad in the series.

And then we have Ty Lee, who is femme as all get-out. She wears pink, bounces everywhere she goes (you know what I mean), talks with that Dramatic Teen Girl lilt, and is arguably the biggest non-bending ass-kicker in the entire series because she doesn’t even need weapons to beat the shit out of everyone.

Every femiphobic show in the universe should be ashamed of itself for not being AtLA.

YES, THIS. I love that Ty Lee is this morally ambiguous badass who presents a really horrifying threat to the gaang (like, wow, I can see why Katara was so horrified after their first encounter) and she does it all with girly clothes and flirty attitude and a tendency towards the “ditzy”, for lack of a less insulting word.

BADASS. Gosh but I love Ty Lee.

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