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Smoke break with Armin


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Dynamic Duos (1/2)


1920’s bank robbing gorgon lady~

soooooo I haven’t been around for a while

it’s been a weird time. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff in my own head, Nicki has been sick, work has been stressful, etc

so sorry to anyone who sent me an ask while I was avoiding Tumblr. I will try to go thru my asks and answer everyone that sent me one, but I’m still kinda in a weird head place, so. I’ll do my best. <3

okay that’s all, I’m gonna go reblog stuff now.

silverblaze85 asked: Do you know of anyone interested in adopting a pet rat? A local rescue has tons right now from a hoarding situation, they're doing a train through NC in a few weeks. I've been posting about it, but I don't think folks are seeing it. I know you like rats, so I thought maybe you know some people? Sorry to be a pest.

I don’t know anyone personally, but I’ll go ahead and post this in the hopes that someone who wants a sweet baby rat, or knows someone that does, will see it!

If you guys know anyone in the NC area that wants to adopt one of the best, smartest, most loving animals in the world, let them know about this!!!


dunno man sometimes you just gotta draw hot curvy demon ladies.


These two. I can’t even with them anymore, uahhhh…