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mama-nana replied to your post: Diddling around with colors becau…

Oh Vincent. Probably my favorite FFVII character next to Cid.

Cid is fucking awesome, these 3 are my favorites

Anonymous asked: There is a one day sale for Iron Fist Brubaker and Fraction run and I am torn; is it worth getting?

I am answering this from my phone at work so you know it’s serious business.



Does this even need a caption?

mayqueen517 asked: THAT SECOND PICTURE LOOKS LIKE FANART OR SOMETHING. I can't even believe that. I fucking love it and I NEED ALL THE SAM/EVERYONE FICS.


He is seriously like two seconds away from kissing Renner on the neck or something I cannot handle this cast at all ever and it’s not like I neEDED ANOTHER NONSENSE HAWKEYE PAIRING OR ANYTHING, THANKS GUYS



Once again, we are all Andy.

Anyone that knows me will swear on a bible that I am Andy Dwyer, and Andy Dwyer is me.

I have actually honest to god seen her throw Skittles in her face because she got so excited about them.

And I have in all seriousness told people to stop trying to bond with me, so we’re a pretty good match.


I’m going back to the circus.



Marvel charades with Anthony Mackie.

ace-of-swords asked: I would --love-- to hear --all about-- your most awkward sexual experience ever. (Publish Them ALL meme)

So this one time Nicki and I were trying to have sex and just everything kept going wrong. I kicked over a side table and then the cat knocked a glass of water on us and then she accidentally punched me in the face and then she fell off the bed and we just kinda gave up because it was so awful.

And this one time, when she was still in NZ, her mom walked in on her while we were having phone sex and she was kinda drunk and took the phone away from Nicki and was all “IF YOU HURT MY DAUGHTER, I’LL KILL YOU but if she gives you any lip, just slap her around a bit”

And when I was in college my roommate left for the night and didn’t take her keys and was like “Whatever, I don’t need them, just let me in in the morning” and my boyfriend was over so we started going at it and then she decided that she wanted to come back in so we tried to be really quiet so she’d go away except she was drunk by then so she started kicking the door and yelling, that was pretty awkward.

Hahahahahaha and the first time I ever gave a dude a blowjob, I was only vaguely aware of what to expect and he didn’t warn me he was about to come and it surprised me and I spit jizz all over his chest and face, which he kinda deserved, let’s be honest