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"How long have you been standing there?"
"About 30 seconds."
"Then yeah, just Britney Spears."

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"I guess you wouldn’t understand, would you, Azula? Because you’re just so perfect.” (requested by tywin)




cykeem white 

He’s got to be some kind of ancient God of beauty because this is ridiculous.

Petition for him to play a swashbuckling pirate or a starship captain or an ancient gladiator or, really, ANYTHING where we can just look at him and drool and dream for ninety minutes.

i wonder what it feels like to be the most beautiful man in the world

[Aang] - [Katara] - [Sokka] - [Toph] - [Zuko]

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Maori pronunciation! Here are a few words that I hope will help you guys understand what I am trying to say, unfortunately writing it out is never quite as good as hearing the real thing!

Wow, my accent has changed o.O

Anonymous asked: Flatbear, what is the proper pronunciation of Maori?


Oh this is a tricky one! The easiest way I can write it, phonetically, is mou-ree. it should rime with faux. Roll the r HARD. So that it almost sounds like a d. Mou-dee. If you’re not raised with the specific sounds (like nga), they can be hard to pick up.

Don’t say mao-ree. The mo or mou sound important. That’s where you have to hit it. When I hear someone say mao-ree it makes my skin crawl!

If it helps, my old boss used to think I was saying “moley” when I would say Maori. So it should sound roughly like that, except with a rolled r instead of an l. :)


 I s2g I have a love/hate relationship with colouring Glorfindel’s hair

(click for full view on the first one bc tumblr no)


Galadriel and little Arwen.