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ryan gosling wont eat his cereal

Anonymous asked: White people who are suddenly curious how many non-black unarmed people of any race are killed per week by cops after 1 black man is killed every week for four weeks by police.


Even if this were an even remotely common thing (it isn’t), racists seem to miss the point, that even if this shit were to happen (it hasn’t), we would never see any attempt to cover up or not investigate or smear the character of the (hypothetical) white victim. And if there were protests (there wouldn’t need to be, because that shit would be faithfully and transparently prosecuted), those protests would never be quelled by riot police shouting racial slurs.

Lil Arya Stark to keep me company today! #asoiaf #got

you picked the w r o n g side, agent.


I consider myself so incredibly lucky, and it’s kind of mind blowing that not only do I get to work at this level of my profession, which I never expected to. But you’re right: I went from a comic-book movie, to a zombie-comedy, to this pretty serious James Dean biopic, and I just did a 17th-century romance. To me, that’s mind blowing. And I think, somehow – not many people are given the opportunity to do so many different kinds of things.


Dave Bautista takes the ALS ice bucket challenge up a notch.



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