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Mary: I watched G.I. Joe Retaliation last night, but I had to go to bed before it was over.
Mary: I got to the part where Snake Eyes was fighting Starscream, and Lady Snake Eyes was fighting Old Lady Snake Eyes.
Me: ...
Me: You don't know much about G.I. Joe do you?
Mary: I do not.
halfkree asked: Tbh I think you're gonna kill me with all this seb/bucky trash but Omg I wiLL DIE SO GROSS AND HAPPY AHHHHHHH

thus fulfilling my plan to raise an army of trash zombies

instead of human flesh, you shall feast on the gay thoughts that Sebstan is trying to outrun

Anonymous asked: I am happily committed to another person but I have an overwhelming fantasy to bed with someone of the same sex. It would purely be physical though which isn't fair to that person and this whole situation isn't fair to my s/o. I know it is unfaithful but I can't stop wanting this. I do cherish my s/o and could never imagine my life without the two of us as the power couple we are now. Please give me any advice or support that you can.

I mean… have you discussed this with your s/o?

Obviously it doesn’t have to be a “I’M GONNA HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE ELSE AND YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT” conversation. You don’t even have to directly say that it’s what you want at first if you’re afraid it will turn into a big fight or something. Mention that you dreamed about it, see how they react to the idea in general. Some people are hardcore monogamy no matter what, but a lot of partners are a little more understanding when it comes to bi or pansexuality, particularly if they’re allowed to be involved as well.

It’s not really clear from your question whether or not this same sex person is a nebulous concept or an actual person you know. But if it’s an actual person you know and are, presumably, friends with, you’re gonna have to put the brakes on that STAT. Some friendships and relationships can survive everyone climbing in bed together, but mostly just the ones that are poly to begin with, and from the tone of your question, I think it’s pretty safe to say that’s not the case with you and your s/o. So yeah, if this other person is an actual person and not just the idea of a person? Redirect your interest. If you’re really into the idea of having sex with someone that isn’t your s/o, and if they might be open to the idea of a threesome or letting you have a fling, it’s gonna go over much better if the other person is someone you have no emotional ties to.

((For goodness sake, though, make sure you actually talk to your s/o before you do anything!! I’m absolutely not advocating cheating!))

Now, if your s/o is a Serious Monogamy type and is not interested in any form of opening up your relationship, then you’ll just have to content yourself with fantasy. A lot of times, in long term relationships people start to wonder What If? and they fixate on one particular person or sexual fantasy that they can’t get with their current s/o and they agonize about it and wonder if they’re doing the right thing and so on and so forth. It’s totally normal and totally harmless as long as you keep it a fantasy.  Masturbate a lot, watch porn, daydream, but if your s/o isn’t into your fantasy or you know fulfilling it would ruin your relationship, you have to decide what’s more important to you.

Ultimately, if you don’t act on those feelings, they will pass (provided we’re talking about a specific person here). The crush will go away and you’ll be able to look back at it and laugh at yourself and be thankful that you never acted on it. If this is a case of you being bi or pansexual, though, and needing more out of sex than your s/o can give you… well, you guys might need to sit down and have a serious conversation about compromise and compatibility.

I hope that wasn’t too convoluted and crazy. Good luck! ;)

Anonymous asked: Do you and Flatbear have sexception lists? like 5 people you can boink and the other can't be mad? If so, who's on yours? I'm assuming Sebstan

AHAHAHAHAHA yeah we totally do. mine changes pretty frequently, also I have two cause boys AND girls, but SebStan’s not actually on it. I don’t want to fuck him, I just want to hold his head still while dudes fuck his mouth

because trash

Anonymous asked: SO HAVE YOU SEEN THIS YET? archiveofourown. org/works/1509908



omfg there’s seven whole fics in this tag bless u one and all trashbabies i’m so happy

aaahahahaha holy shit that’s mine